Al-Mukhaizim: National Investments Company, Best Investment Management Company GCC

International recognition of NICs performance and the stability and growth it achieved

  • Intensive efforts by NICs team culminated in more excellence and success
  • The Award confirms NIC ability to deal with market fluctuations

After stiff competition, National Investments Company (NIC) was awarded the “Best Investment Management Company GCC” by the Global Finance & Banking Awards, according to technical criteria based on which the best specialized institution is selected.

In this concern, Mr. Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Mukhaizim, Chief Executive Officer of the Company said “Awarding NIC the “Best Investment Management Company GCC” is an international recognition of the exceptional performance achieved by the Company in various investment services at both local and regional levels.

Al-Mukhaizim added in a press release that the successive developments and awards the company continuously wins is an explicit translation of its leading role and the professionalism of its rigorously-selected team work, pointing out that all this promotes our sense of pride.

Al-Mukhaizim said “This award is a culmination of many years of efforts exerted to strengthen our leading role at the local and regional levels in the field of investment management in particular, as well as the various investment services provided by the company”.

He added “This Award also affirmed the ability of NIC to overcome the economic fluctuations experienced by the global markets every now and then.

He said “NIC is one of the largest specialized investment companies in the region in terms of the size of managed assets, merger and acquisition transactions and other diversified investment products that NIC manages.”


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