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Al Nusif: “National Investments Company wins 3 awards from global institutions confirming its leadership

  • NIC has maintained its leadership under a successful and fruitful strategy
  • The Awards highlight the Companys aspirations, growth and stability
  • We keep an eye on the developments under COVID-19 pandemic
  • We are keen to provide products meet the aspirations of all segments of clients

National Investments Company (NIC), the leader in the investment asset management sector, won 3 awards from global institutions; “Global Banking and Finance Awards” and “Global Business Outlook Awards”. All these awards affirm the Companys leadership and its ability to keep pace with the requirements of local and regional capital markets. The three awards are: “Best Investment Company Kuwait 2020” from Global Business Outlook Awards, “Best Investor Relations Company GCC 2020” and “Fastest Growing Fund Management Company Kuwait 2020” from Global Banking and Finance Awards

These awards are a clear translation of the strenuous effort made by the Companys Executive Management in promising cooperation, which is a main pillar of success, according to the plan approved by the Board of Directors.

Confidence and Leadership

On this occasion, Mr. Faisal Al-Nusif, CEO Consultant,  affirmed that NIC has maintained its leadership as one of the leading companies in the asset management sector, especially in light of the confidence its clients place in it, both in local and regional markets.

In a press release, Al-Nusif said that the global institutions that provide these awards relied on figures, financial statements and approved growth rates achieved by NIC, in addition to internationally recognized technical criteria to measure the strength and stability of the performance of specialized companies.

Plan and Goals

Al-Nusif pointed out that NIC continues its promising strategic policy for years to achieve the goals contained in its plan, which relies on a deliberate expansionary basis, but within a range of conservatism that guarantees continuity in making more achievements, especially in light of the fluctuations and developments witnessed by the markets that cast a shadow on overall performance of all sectors.

He added, “We are pleased to receive these awards, especially as they reflect the Companys aspirations and future outlook, in addition to the sustainable growth it achieves, which confirms our commitment to the technical controls and standards globally applied.”

Difficult  Balance

Al-Nusif said that NIC has achieved the difficult balance that is based on constructive presence in the market and acquiring clients confidence on the one hand, in addition to advancing innovation, excellence and competition on the other hand.

He affirmed that the Companys plans provide it with a safe competitive environment, noting that it has taken a package of precautionary measures to deal with the developments in the prevailing situation, especially under COVID-19 in a way that preserves the rights of its shareholders, stressing on NIC interest in keeping an eye on developments in the situation and the repercussions of COVID-19 spread at local, regional and global levels.

Team Effort

In the same context, Al-Nusif appreciated the collective effort made by the NIC team, and the absolute support it gets from the BoD and the Executive Management, expecting to continue the same approach in the future.

He added, “NIC is one of few institutions that is able to meet the ambition of its clients, both in local and regional markets, especially in view of the capabilities and resources it has that give it peculiarity in achieving the tasks assigned thereto successfully.

Al-Nusif added, “NIC has managed many files and billions deals with great success, while it is currently looking into a package of investment opportunities and offers to seize the appropriate ones, in line with the set standards.”

Most Compliant

Al-Nusif said that winning these three prominent awards by NIC, including “Best Investor Relations Company GCC 2020” Award confirms that NIC is the most compliant with international standards, which naturally reflects on the standard of client confidence and their relationships with the work system.

He added that NIC has provided a large area of ​​communication with clients and investors through specialized departments and platforms, which naturally resulted in winning numerous awards, including this honorable award.

Ambitious Products

Al-Nusif affirmed that NIC is keen to provide products that keep pace with the hopes and aspirations of clients away from traditional means, as NIC managed to achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction under a system that is keen on caring, perseverance and dedication to work.

Client Confidence

He added that winning these awards confirms NIC supremacy and its ability to compete and gain the confidence of local and global investment community, pointing out that the future carries many achievements in light of the promising strategy in which all sectors of the company operate.

In conclusion, Al-Nusif said, “winning these awards by NIC confirms that it is proceeding on the right route, and that the company is working with institutional maturity and transparency that guarantee client satisfaction, especially in light of the professionalism it adopts in all its activities or through dealing with various regulatory and supervisory authorities.


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