In reference to the instructions of the Capital Markets Authority regarding the disclosure of the material information and the mechanism of its announcement regulations #( ه.أ.م/ق.ر./إ.م/2/2012), and further to our letter to you on (07/05/2015) regarding the ruling issued in favor of National Investments Company in lawsuit No. 953/2014 issued by the High Court Partial Appeal/3 against Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co. requiring them to pay an amount of 22,500,000 USD and the expenses and an amount of KD 2000 for the actual attorneys’ fees, which was postponed for a ruling on 2/6/2015, we would like to inform you that the court ruled to reject the appeal. As we mentioned in our previous declarations that the positive financial impact cannot be determined before the completion of execution procedures. We will disclose any further developments immediately.