In reference to the instructions of the Capital Markets Authority regarding the disclosure of material information and the mechanism of its announcement, and in reference to our disclosures on (11/5/2015, 10/05/2015, 20/04/2015, 4/3/2015) regarding the ruling issued in favor of National Investments Company in lawsuit No. 953/2014 issued by the High Court Partial Appeal/3 against Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co. Accordingly, Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co. filed an appeal in cassation No. 554/2015 commercial/4 against the ruling issued on 03/03/2015. The hearing was set on 14/5/2015 to consider the application for suspension of execution. At this hearing, the Court of Cassation has ruled against the suspension of execution. We will inform you of any further developments in this regard.