With reference to the abovementioned subject, and the CMA regulation issued on November 9, 2015, book number ten”disclosure and transparency” on the disclosure of material information and with regards to NIC’s disclosure dated on 6/10/2016, NIC announces that on behalf of their client Adeptio investments limited- buyer, and Al khair for stocks and real estate – Seller, the completion of the sale procedure of 66.790% of Kuwait Food Company shares (AMERICANA) for a total amount of KD 711,515,841.600 on 20/10/2016 through Al-Seef Financial Brokerage Company which 48% of its shares is owned by NIC. The total brokerage commission prior to the completion of the transaction amounted KD 1.4 million and Al Seef will receive 70% of the total commission amount according to the procedure of Kuwait Stock Exchange. NIC cannot currently determine the financial impact and the profit on NIC’s financial statement as a mother company, and we will disclose it if the amount is material.