With reference to the above mentioned subject, and the CMA regulations issued on November 9, 2015, module ten”disclosure and transparency” on the disclosure of material information and with regards to NIC’s disclosure dated on 28/12/2016, we would like to inform you that Adeptio announces obtaining the approval of the CMA on the bid document for the mandatory acquisition to purchase the shares not owned by Adeptio in Americana , representing 33.21% of the total issued shares at a price of KD 2.650 per share. The collection period will begin on 12/01/2017 and ends on 13/02/2017. Further, we would like to note that the bid document will be published on the website of Americana Company (www.americana-group.com) and the website of NIC (www.nic.com.kw) being the acquisition manager and represents Adeptio Company. In case of any queries regarding the acceptance of the offer, please contact the wealth management team – Customer Service Department of NIC on the telephone number 22266666 during working days from Sunday to Thursday (8:30 am to 14:30pm ). The financial impact cannot be determined, and we will disclose it on time.