With reference to the abovementioned subject, and the CMA regulation issued on November 9, 2015, book number ten”disclosure and transparency on the disclosure of material information, please find below the disclosure of material information form on 30/12/2015. Date: 30/12/2015 Name of listed Company: National Investments Company Material Information: Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co. (K.S.C.P) has made a cash payment of USD 2,250,000 on 30/12/2015 as part of the debt in favor of NIC. Impact of the material information on the financial position of the company: The financial impact of the previous installments were disclosed on 28/7/2015, 29/7/2015 and 5/10/2015. With regard to the above-mentioned amount, it will not have any financial impact as it was recorded in the third quarter according to the international accounting standards.