With reference to the abovementioned subject, and the CMA regulation issued on November 9, 2015, book number ten”disclosure and transparency on the disclosure of material information, please find below the disclosure of lawsuits and judgements form on 15/11/2015. 2- Disclosure of lawsuits form • Date: 15/11/2015 • Name of listed company: National Investments Company • Case number: 90/2015 Commercial appeal capital market /1 • Subject of the case: Appeal against the claim of an amount USD 2 million • Date of the judgement: 12/11/2015 • Court that issued the judgement: Appeal Capital Market • Parties of the case: NIC and one of the parties dealing with the company • Judgement in favor of: Not Applicable • Pronouncement of the judgement (first degree): Refusal of the case • Pronouncement of the appeal judgement: Referred to the experts • Pronouncement of the cassation judgement: Not Applicable • Expected impact as a result of the judgement: Financial impact cannot be determined now on the financial statements of NIC.