With reference to the abovementioned subject, and the CMA regulation issued on November 9, 2015, book number ten”disclosure and transparency on the disclosure of material information, please find below the disclosure of material information form on 24/02/2016. Date: 24/02/2016 Name of listed Company: National Investments Company Material Information: Please note that BOUBYAN PETROCHEMICAL CO. has been appointed NIC as a manager for the optional acquisition procedure regarding the purchase of all shares of NAFAIS HOLDING COMPANY. BOUBYAN PETROCHEMICAL CO. disclosed all the details of the deal on 24/2/2016 on the KSE website. Accordingly, in case any clarification is required, please call +965 22266666 or +965 22266658 during office hours from 9:00 am until 14:30. Impact of the material information on the financial position of the company: No material impact.