With reference to the above subject, and the CMA regulations number (هـ.أ.م/ق.ر./إ.م/2/2012) on the disclosure of material information and the announcement mechanism, and our previous disclosures on 20/5/2015, 28/5/2015 and 14/6/2015 concerning one of the parties who set up a lawsuit against NIC regarding the disclaimer of the underwriting right concluded on 2/4/2006. As mentioned in our previous disclosure, the court has decided during the session on 9/6/2015 to postpone the judgment of the case to the session on 16/6/2015. NIC would like to inform you that the court has decided during the session 16/6/2015 to refuse the original and subsidiary case. Further, we would like to note that there is no impact of this judgment on the company, and NIC will take all the actions against this judgment. We will re-disclose once there are any updates in this case.