With reference to the above subject, and the CMA regulations number (هـ.أ.م/ق.ر./إ.م/2/2012) on the disclosure of material information and the announcement mechanism, we would like to inform you that National Investments Company has signed a friendly settlement agreement by negotiation with Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co. (K.S.C.P) regarding the execution of the judgment in the case number 953/2014, partial appeal/3, which the Court obliged Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co. (K.S.C.P) to pay back for National Investments Company a sum of USD 22,500,000. The agreement will be by paying 50% of the total amount as a down payment, and paying the remaining amount in installments over a period of 18 months. Further, we will update you on the positive financial impact once the down payment takes place.