Reference to the above mentioned subject and CMA requirements outlined in module 1-4-4 of the”Disclosure and Transparency” in the Executive Bylaws of the CMA regarding dealing with rumors and news, National Investments Company would like to comment on the news published on Al Anbaa newspaper dated 22/05/2017, regarding the purchase of 95,000 shares of Osos Holding Company by the CEO of National Investments Company (Deputy Chairman of Osos Holding Company). Our company would like to deny the information above, NIC has, on 21/05/2017, disclosed a transaction that relates to the company (company portfolio) on the Osos Holding Company shares (purchase of 94,991 shares of the before mentioned company), considering NIC is an insider, not as it relates to the CEO personally. We invite you to refer to the website of Boursa Kuwait for further information regarding the disclosure mentioned above.