• NIC strategy aims to support competencies and attract the distinguished, train and qualify them to be future leaders
  • NIC is keen on participating in career fairs to attract young national competencies and talents
  • Communicating with students via the company virtual pavilion, answering their queries and guiding them to available job opportunities
  • The company offered several jobs in business management, marketing, accountancy, financing, human and legal resources and computer science

As part of its ongoing efforts to support new graduates and open future horizons to the promising youth generation, the National Investments Company announced its participation in the 4th annual career and academic opportunities fair from November 21 to 25, 2021, which was organized virtually by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) with a view to protecting public health and in compliance with the Council of Ministers directives.

In a press release, the NIC announced that its participation in the 4th annual career and academic opportunities fair is in line with the company strategy of supporting young national competencies and attracting the distinguished to train and qualify for work in the investment sector.   The company was among a large group of public and private entities and educational institutions taking part in the exhibition to promote their jobs and advantages with a view to attract graduates, facilitate their interviews with employers and answer their queries about available jobs.

Leading Role

In this context, Mr. Jassim Abul, Vice President- Head of Human Resources & Administration Affairs at National Investments Company (NIC) said that the company’s participation confirms its leading and vital role as a supporter of young national staff, qualifying them for the jobs market and acquainting them with available job opportunities in the NIC which is one of the largest investment companies in Kuwait and the region. He stressed the company’s keenness on participating in career fairs on account of their importance in learning the graduates’ potentials and competencies, as well as attracting national skills and talents and qualifying them in accordance with the highest standards.

Abul added that the NIC was keen on communicating with students through its virtual pavilion, answering the queries of those looking for job opportunities and explaining to them the employment opportunities in the company, as well as highlighting the importance of working in the private sector. He presented ample information about the company’s local and regional activities and operations and explained the work mechanisms of various company departments and sectors. He outlined its aspirations to become the leading investment company in Kuwait and the region and the best choice for investors, as well as its vision of meeting customers and shareholders future pursuits and serving Kuwaiti society effectively.

He stressed the NIC commitment to the creation of new job opportunities in various company specializations for the ambitious Kuwait youth, helping them compete and learn from field experience, activating the company role in acquainting graduates with available job opportunities and the most sought-after specializations in the company and the investment sector in general.

Abul pointed out that the 4th career fair featured several activities such as training workshops which allow graduates to develop their energies and potential and provide them with the necessary skills to help them make the right decisions concerning their employment future, in addition to explaining the accredited technical degrees which enhance the qualifications of those looking for employment opportunities in the investment companies.


Company Jobs

He revealed that NIC offered during the career fair a number of required jobs in business administration, marketing, accountancy, financing, human resources, legal affairs and computer science.

Abul added that NIC is keen on achieving high Kuwaitization ratios and providing more benefits to new local employees as part of the company`s strategy of maintaining the prestigious position it enjoys in the sector.


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