National Investments Company distributes TESCO first ROI at 9%

September 29, 2019

Sohail Ladha:

  • The annual return and the occupancy rate exceeded what was planned
  • NIC operates according to a strategy based on capturing promising and safe opportunities

Khaled Al Baijan

We are pleased with our partnership with NIC, the leading company at local and global levels

Mr. Sohail Ladha,  Executive Vice President of Investment Banking Sector at NIC, announced that NIC distributed the first ROI at 9% to TESCO shareholders for the period ended 30 June 2019.

Mr. Ladha said in a press release that NIC, on behalf of a group of its customers entered into an acquisition deal of commercial income-generating property in the UK in collaboration with Altum Capital. The property, located in Manchester (UK) is entirely leased.

Ladha said that the total value of the deal is £ 44.5 million, divided into £ 20.1 million in cash and £ 24.4 million bank financing.

Ladha said that the stake of NIC in the deal is £ 2 million, and the stake of its clients is £ 18.1 million,

It is worth mentioning that the investment in the Tesco project began to achieve its strategic objectives in terms of the annual distribution rate and the occupancy rate that exceeded what was planned, pointing out that the investment in Tesco and its results are in line with the vision and strategic goals set by NIC for the acquisition of this property.

Ladha added that under the strategic plan NIC adopts, Alternative Investment Department at Investment Banking Sector made tireless and exceptional efforts to hunt suitable opportunities for the interest of its clients, that have been met with success through the said acquisition,  particularly that this deal is aligned with the Companys vision to look for promising and safe investment opportunities which in turn provide the best returns and meet the needs and aspirations of its clients.

On the other hand, Mr. Khaled Al-Baijan, Partner Manager of Altum Capital, said that the property located in Manchester (UK) is wholly leased to Tesco Store Limited; a major leading retailer.

Al-Baijan said that entry into this acquisition is an attractive investment opportunity and the initial annual return is expected to be 9%, expressing his pleasure of the strategic partnership with NIC, being one of the leading investment companies in Kuwait.

NIC possesses many constituents that contribute to capturing promising opportunities, led by its highly qualified professional investment team that has managed to make a track record of achievements at the level of investment opportunities offered to customers whether through Assets Management Sector, Investment Banking Sector or Local or International Real Estate Sector.

It is worth mentioning that NIC has completed many real estate acquisitions over the past years in the USA and the UK in various commercial, office and residential sectors.

NIC is one of the largest investment companies publicly traded in the Boursa Kuwait and is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). It was established in 1987 and operates in the field of investment, especially real estate investment in local and international markets. It has extensive expertise in management of investment projects and third parties funds with more than 30 years of successes and achievements that have gained the satisfaction and confidence of clients and investors.


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