Ebtehaj Al-Roomi:

  • NIC has provided Eid al-Fitr clothes for disadvantaged families.
  • Our CSR approach forms an integral part of NIC’s legacy, and we are proud of the support provided to the community while achieving sustainable development.
  • Initiatives that impact health, education, and social and environmental development are our focus.


Maintaining a leading position within the private sector on a humanitarian level and supporting the concept of corporate social responsibility, National Investments Company has provided financial support to the Kuwait Food and Relief Bank & Relief, a charitable organization that plays a pioneering role in serving the community.


In a statement to the press, NIC has stated that supporting Kuwait Food Bank and Relief during the Holy Month of Ramadan goes in line with the company’s eagerness to take part in different humanitarian, social, and charitable initiatives while maintaining its leading position within the sector of corporate social responsibility by providing aid and support to all philanthropic bodies.


Ms. Ebtehaj Al-Roomi, Senior Vice President – Marketing and Institutional Communication at National Investments Company, said: “During the Holy Month of Ramadan, NIC has implemented a full-fledged CRS program aimed at promoting the concept of social solidarity by adopting charitable events and helping the needy. The support provided to Kuwait Food Bank and Relief was related to providing Eid Al-Fitr clothes for disadvantaged families.


“Ramadan is a month of giving,” added Al-Roomi, saying that the initiative had a significant impact on disadvantaged families. National Investments Company has always been keen on contributing to all efforts aimed at alleviating the suffering of these needy families, which comes from our belief in our responsibility towards Kuwaiti society, so we urge all to contribute socially not only during the holy month but throughout the year so that these ‘giving back the society’ become an integral part of our daily lives.


NIC has a proven track record in corporate social responsibility, promoting all related concepts and practices, and believing in its importance as one of the most prominent priorities in achieving sustainable development in Kuwait, highlighting that the CSR approach forms an integral part of NIC’s legacy.


Recently, the company has made a qualitative leap in its social plans, considering this an obligation dictated by its national sense to contribute to economic development that directly and effectively impacts society’s development and growth while motivating the younger generations to adopt social responsibility practices. The National Investments Company has a clear policy concerned with social responsibility that focuses on sustainability and implements many initiatives and programs throughout the year that its various departments collaborate to fulfill.


To conclude, Al-Roomi said that initiatives and projects that impact society in health, education, social and environmental development, help raise awareness, and maintain diverse community participation are NIC’s focus.






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