National Investments Company (NIC), one of the leading asset management companies in the Kuwaiti and Gulf market, won the “Fastest Growing Investment Company Award” in Kuwait for the year 2019, according to the rating of the International Finance Awards.

NIC won this award on the ground of the high growth rates it achieved in the current year, adoption of a strategic policy mainly based on technical standards and precise data when acquiring favorable investment opportunities that keep pace with aspirations.

On this occasion, the Companys Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Mukhaizim, said in a press release that receiving such award confirms the strength and effectiveness of the policy the company adopts, which is based mainly on the plans approved by the BoD, especially in light of the challenges facing the investment sector. during the current period.

Al-Mukhaizim said, “NIC has a relatively different approach, as it focuses on outcomes and is precise in capturing opportunities in the local, regional and global markets, which positively reflects on shareholders equity.”

Al-Mukhaizim added that NIC managed to maintain its leading position in the market, highlighting that it works to translate the aspirations of its clients through its available investment instruments and its outstanding profitable sectors, as it is considered one of the leading houses in concluding the billion deals over an extended period of time.

He pointed out that the International Finance Awards which granted this award to NIC is one of the leading agencies specialized in the financial and banking sector, confirming that NIC received this award relying on global bases and standards propelled by n performance, innovation and excellence.

Al-Mukhaizim emphasized that the growth achieved since the beginning of the year is the fruit of the collective efforts made by the companys team work, meanwhile he expected that the company will maintain its balance at excellent rates, pointing out the preparation for a series of important transactions that will be revealed when the picture becomes fully clear.

He mentioned that NIC team has an extensive experience that helped them made various achievements during the past period, including the Asset Sector, Investment Banking Sector, Real Estate Investment Sector, Treasury Services and Foreign Investment Sector, which reflected in a rewarding rate of returns so far.

NIC is a leading Kuwaiti investment house publicly traded on the Boursa Kuwait and licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait and Capital Markets Authority. NIC is an active player in various sectors of the local, Arab and international markets. The Company boasts a large and diversified shareholder base and includes some of Kuwaits most prominent institutions and high net-worth individuals.

Since its inception in 1987, NIC has focused most of its attention and efforts on real estate investment, private equity, fund management, portfolios, treasury services and international brokerage, as well as Investment Banking  services both in the local and international markets. NICs commitment and dedication to its clients and shareholders has propelled it to the top-tier of investment houses in Kuwait.

At the end of his statement, Mr. Fahad Al-Mukhaizim, CEO extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to all the Companys employees for their efforts for ongoing endeavor to achieve this outstanding performance and positive growth which is always in line with the Companys strategic plan


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