National Investments Company wins “The Next 100 Global Awards 2020 -Real Estate” from Global Banking & Finance

  • Real Estate Investments Sector is always keen to deliver the best services and consultations that fulfill the aspirations of clients of all segments.
  • Al-Meshri: Once again we reaffirmed our leading position in the real estate sector in Kuwait, the region and the world.
  • Our wide experience has contributed to tourism, commercial, investment and industrial sectors, in addition to managing third party property, real estate companies, real estate portfolios and individuals inside and outside Kuwait.
  • We retained our leadership under a successful and well-thought-out strategy during Covid-19 pandemic

A new achievement to its outstanding track record of successes since its inception, National Investments Company (NIC) won “The Next 100 Global Awards 2020 -Real Estate” from Global Banking & Finance magazine. On behalf of the Company, Mr. Mishaal Al-Meshri, Executive Vice President – Real Estate Investments Sector received the Award.

On granting this award, the magazine relied on international standards and criteria in the field of real estate development and investment, by monitoring the Company’s role in delivering various and distinctive services that meet customer requirements in line with plans and strategies that keep pace with the development in current and future needs. Moreover, NIC’s expertise includes project management, provision of real estate consultancy to companies, institutions and individuals, in addition to managing its own real estate portfolio.

NIC Executive Management expressed its pleasure and pride by winning this award from among many companies. Winning this awards is a new achievement to the Company’s record of successes and awards, particularly that the magazine offering this award has a wide experience in the real estate field. This emphasizes NIC continued advancement and progress and its incessant concern to deliver the highest international standards in the projects it runs, and its provision of innovative investment solutions that meet the aspirations of its clients. This award also reaffirms the efforts made by the Real Estate Sector to add value to its shareholders and clients in all its activities and business. Furthermore, winning these awards annually is the fruit of the Company’s enduring commitment to evident real estate excellence.

On this occasion, Mr. Mishaal Al-Meshri, Executive Vice President – Real Estate Investments Sector at NIC said, “National Investments Company once again has proven its leading position in the real estate sector in Kuwait, the region and the world, as it managed to win this prestigious award despite the fierce competition in the sector.”

Al-Meshri added, “Over the past years, we have worked on the vital role of the real estate investor in both the local and international real estate markets. We have also built a wonderful team and adopted innovations in the local and international markets, and through our extensive experience, we have contributed to various sectors, including tourism resorts, commercial, investment and industrial properties as well as management of  third party property, including bodies, companies, real estate portfolios and individuals in Kuwait, the Gulf and the Middle East.

These professional skills have contributed to strengthening our position and enhancing our ability to plan for the future, as well as looking forward to further emphasizing our position in Kuwait and the whole world.

Al-Meshri pointed out that NIC has once again proven excellence and delivering the best to its shareholders. It is considered an example in commitment, credibility, and always develops its business in one of the most competitive sectors in the world in diverse commercial, entertainment, residential and industrial sectors, as NIC is operating in line with a clear strategy relies on reflection in capturing and implementing opportunities. This directly contributed to achieving historic successes in all its managed operations in the market. Moreover, NIC has maintained its leadership under a successful and well-thought-out strategy under Covid-19 pandemic.

Al-Meshri said that NIC has a professional distinguished team that managed over the last period to create an outstanding track record of achievements in terms of investment opportunities delivered to clients through Asset Management Sector, Investment Banking Sector, or Local and International Real Estate Sector, adding that NIC is always keen to provide services and consultations that fulfills aspirations of clients of various segments.

Al-Meshri added that NIC has contributed to the advancement of the Real Estate Investment Sector, through its outstanding projects that meet aspirations of investors and users. This award is a motive for the Company to exert further efforts, and to give added value to the Company and the local and international community.

In conclusion, Al-Meshri said that just as we are the first to win “The Next 100 Global Awards 2020 -Real Estate”, we always take the challenge to provide all means for good and safe real estate investment which is evidenced in all our real estate projects inside and outside Kuwait.

Al-Meshri also expressed his gratitude asking Allah almighty to protect Kuwait and its people from all evil, to make it enjoy security, safety and prosperity under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir of the State Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and His Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may Allah safeguard and protect them.


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