It facilitates trading in Boursa Kuwait, GCC Markets and over 80 Global Markets

Fahad Al- Mukhaizim:

  • New trading service enables clients to trade in ETFs, US Markets options and REITs
  • Service is available in accordance with the highest international standards and innovative techniques via the website or trading apps on smart phones
  • Possibility of activating price-change alerts of up-to-date news from their official sources
  • Service meets all clients’ needs by ease of use, fast execution and direct link with market prices competitively
  • Display of markets consolidated data via the “market overview” which sums up the total market distinctively and easily
  • Service provides comprehensive and easy display of all basic analysis ratios to make the right and most prudent decisions
  • NIC spares no effort to remain one of the best advanced investment companies locally and regionally

As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to adopt digital solutions, National Investments Company (NIC) announced the launch of its NICTRADE digital service for electronic trading which enables clients to trade in Boursa Kuwait and GCC and global markets and offers them the best experience through the use of state-of-the-art technology whether through the website or smart phones.

The company has launched the new trading service according to the latest international trading techniques to keep up with the clients’ increasing needs for digital services through managing and controlling trading with ease, resilience and speed of execution as well as direct linkage to the current market prices.

In this context, the NIC CEO Mr. Fahad Al-Mukhaizim said that the NICTRADE service offers the client the possibility of trading in more than 80 local and global financial markets in addition to Boursa Kuwait, as well as trading and investing in professional financial instruments such as ETFs, US options contracts (Options), REITs and several financial instruments listed in global markets in addition to the possibility of activating alerts of price changes or up-to-date news. The service also enables viewing of trading accounts and getting information about market movements.

Al-Mukhaizim explained that NIC has always been at the forefront of offering clients all that is new and qualitative in digital services. He added that in line with the financial market development project and the new directives of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and Boursa Kuwait as well as our clients’ increasing need for this service, the innovative NICTRADE was developed using the latest technology in order to provide a direct and distinguished interactive experience.

Qualitative Move

Al-Mukhaizim pointed out that the new trading service is seen as a pioneering qualitative move offered by NIC to its clients, enabling the trader to gain many advantages and high specifications along with ensuring their receiving competitive and prompt capital markets prices, in addition to immediate following up of trading movements with offers, orders, deals, times and the state of demand in local, GCC, US and global markets. He pointed out that the main advantage of the service is the provision of full details about companies’ and official markets disclosures from their approved sources.

Al-Mukhaizim added that the launch of the trading service through a smart electronic app is considered a new addition to the growing business platform of NIC and a technological leap on account of its easy use with superb levels of accuracy and following up thanks to a specialized team delivering the service in high precision and revealing that the service is presently available to financially solvent clients with some added advantages that meet their needs.

Al-Mukhaizim went on to say that NIC clients would be able to execute various buying and selling orders as well as amendment and cancellation orders in an easy and interactive manner, while reviewing account details and summary and managing trading accounts in different markets, direct follow up of analyses, graphics and market data in order to submit requests with extreme speed and ease. They would also be able to keep their personal accounts and trading accounts under one umbrella, which would offer an easy and smooth transfer opportunity through direct transfer to the client. The service facilitates the manner of displaying the markets consolidated data through the “market overview” feature which sums the total market in a distinctive and easy manner.

Al-Mukhaizim explained that the NIC trading services offer a unique experience on the level of investment companies in Kuwait and the region through enabling the company clients to access a wide range of financial brokerage services covering Boursa Kuwait, GCC stock markets as well as US and global markets.

Al-Mukhaizim added that through its smart, state-of-the-art apps, NIC provides an interactive experience rich in information and professionalism about trading in global markets, viewing trading accounts, getting familiar with market movements and full details of companies and official markets disclosures from their approved sources, in addition to several other advantages.

Specialized communication platform service

On the other hand, Al-Mukhaizim noted that t NIC was keen on providing a specialized communication platform service for trading through client service center on number (1821112) or by SMS.  The telephone service is available during the company working hours and would largely help cut down clients’ time and effort.

He pointed out that the client service center would help boost clients’ satisfaction levels by answering their queries and welcoming any comments by a specialized and proficient work team to help the client to trade and receive several other advantages.

Al-Mukhaizim explained that the modern e-service meets the needs of NIC clients and enables them to trade through a digital platform all the week round and at any time with full, secure and more resilient confidentiality and privacy. Moreover, there will be constant communication with the company work team to answer queries and offer advice.


Registration Steps

Concerning registration steps, Al-Mukhaizim said that the trading apps are easy to use, enabling the clients to trade in 3 steps only: registration, transfer and trade, with ease and security. They also enable the client to follow in real time stock prices and markets news, as part of the company’s policy of serving all segments of investors in a manner that reflects professionalism and proficiency with the aim of winning clients’ satisfaction, as well as providing a comprehensive and easy display of all basic analysis ratios in order to make right and prudent decisions.

Company Team Efforts

In conclusion, Al-Mukhaizim stressed NIC constant keenness on launching new digital services and embracing changes that would achieve clients’ objectives. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the company work team for their continuous efforts to achieve technological development and growth in new services that meet the needs of clients and shareholders of the company which spares no effort to remain among the best advanced and developed investment companies locally and regionally.


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