NIC Supports “SHIFT” Program as Part of its Strategic Partnership with “Creative Confidence”
In collaboration with “Creative Confidence,” National Investments Company launches the “SHIFT” program, as part of the strategic partnership with “Creative Confidence.” The program is exclusively tailored to qualify freshly graduated Kuwaiti females to develop their investment skills, expand their capabilities and grow their knowledge in a way that will make them compelling candidates to embark into the investment world.
Interested applicants can register in this program by applying through the following link https://www.creativeconfidence.co/shift-1/ starting from October 19, 2023, noting that the “SHIFT” program will begin on November 13, 2023, and will last for four weeks.
Mr. AbdulMohsen AlKhatrash, Senior Vice President – Human Resources and Administration Affairs at the National Investments Company, praised the “SHIFT” program, saying that it forms an exceptional opportunity for Kuwaiti females who need this intensive and challenging practical experience, to prepare them for the demands of the actual workforce. AlKhatrash also stated that the real added value of this program will be reflected directly through the Kuwaiti labor market as it provides an efficient and experienced labor force ready to enter the investment world.
“We believe in investing and supporting Kuwaiti youth and are committed to doing so. We are sponsoring this program aimed to develop and refine the skills and capabilities of young Kuwaiti women and enable them to meet the requirements of the local and regional markets. National Investments Company’s contribution to the program includes providing training and presenting business challenges to reach the final stages of the program.” Added AlKhatrash.
Sumaya Mohammed Al-Jassim, the founder of “Creative Confidence,” hailed National Investments Company’s contribution to the success of the “SHIFT” program and called on freshly graduated female Kuwaitis to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity offered in collaboration with the National Investments Company, one of the strongest investment financial institutions in Kuwait.
Creative Confidence is a Kuwaiti consulting and training firm specializing in innovation, creativity, and collaboration.


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