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Within each SMA, there is at least one investment model , whose job is to manage the ongoing asset allocation based on one or more of these Investment models.

Local/Regional Scope

NIC offers investors discretionary portfolio management services in the local and regional markets.

Objective: to achieve high total return on a risk adjusted basis vis-é-vis the identified benchmark.

Medium to long term in “blue-chip”

50% to 70% of the portfolio will invest in these equities which adhere to the following criteria:

•Stable growth

•Strong operating profits

•Strong management team

•Solid financial standing

•Dividend income

•Attractive fundamentals

•High liquidity

Short to Medium term investments

20% to 30% of the portfolio will focus on these investments including:

•Short term IPO’s

•Opportunities arising from trading disparities

•Financially restructured companies with sound growth prospects

•Liquid small cap companies with promising growth prospects