Zajel Services and Telecommunications Fund Achieves Returns of 12.76%

H1 2023 witnessed a remarkable performance.




In a press statement, The National Investments Company (NIC) has announced recording a remarkable performance for its investment funds, another achievement that reflects its informed strategy and experienced and knowledgeable funds management team; this also mirrors the track record in managing local and regional portfolios and investment funds.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Hamad, Assistant Vice President – Asset Management at NIC, stated that Zajil Services and Telecommunications Fund, which was established in 2004, aims to achieve capital growth and the highest returns possible, at calculated risk, by investing the fund’s capital in wisely selected shares within the sector of services and telecommunications in the Arab financial markets that are compatible with the provisions of the Islamic Shari’a.

Al-Hamed also highlighted the remarkable performance recorded by Zajil Fund and the returns of 12.76% it has achieved during the first half of 2023, which has outperformed all equity funds established in Kuwait.

“These returns are achieved thanks to the Fund’s focus on defense sectors such as health and telecommunications, which have achieved an exceptional rise this year; it also represented an exceptional hedge for clients from the current economic factors, which are global inflation, oil price fluctuations, high bond yields and fixed income investment instruments, which are harmful elements on the performance of stock markets in general and the shared of key sectors within GCC such as banks, energy, and petrochemicals. This performance reflects the company’s keenness to diversify investment opportunities to achieve the best returns for its customers despite economic challenges, market fluctuations, and concerns related to global and local political and economic conditions, the most important of which are global political tensions and conflicts and the frail expectations about global economic growth” clarified Al-Hamed.

Concluding his statement, Al-Hamad pointed to the excellent performance achieved by the National Investments Company equity funds during the first half of 2023, which follow an active strategic approach in terms of achieving optimal returns over a long time by reducing the risks involved in the stock markets and achieving the best possible returns for customer.






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