Fund Objective

To provide capital appreciation and income through investing primarily in listed and unlisted Sharia-compliant equities in Kuwait and the GCC.

Fund Features

Established back in 2003 and considered among the oldest sharia compliant fund in the region. Focuses on blue chip companies that have consistently delivered good operating performance. The fund has offered generous cash dividends to unit holders and has a diversified shareholder base including corporates and retail investors.

Top 5 Holdings

Agility Public Warehousing Company

Kuwait Finance House

Mobile Telecommunications Company

Boubyan Bank

Boubyan Petrochemical Co KSCP


Sector Distribution

Geographical Distribution


How To Subscribe And Redeem

You are able to print the applications of subscription and redemption from the website and submit them along with a copy of the required documents via email CRM@nic.com.kw

Or you can visit the company with the required documents at the following address.

Fund Name
Al Darij Investment Fund
Subscription and Redemption
Monthly Subscription / Redemption Fee = 0.5%
Fund Manager

National Investments Company
Incentive Fee
1% per annum
Term of the Fund
10 years, renewable
Performance Fee
Only 20% of the amount by which the annualized rate of return exceeds 10%
Fund Capital
KWD 5 to 100 million
Net Asset Value
Calculated on the last trading day of every month
Paid Up Capital
KWD 19,382,715
Quarterly or Annually
Asset Value
KWD 7,712,537
Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C
Base Currency
Kuwaiti Dinar
Custodian & Investment Controller
Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C
Minimum Investment
1,000 Units
Nominal Value
KWD 1.000
Khaled Hasan Ibrahim Alahmed-ALSOOR Certified Public
External Sharia Auditor

Osol for Sharia Advisory