With reference to the above subject, and the CMA regulations number (هـ.أ.م/ق.ر./إ.م/2/2012) on the disclosure of material information and the announcement mechanism, and further to our previous disclosure on 22/9/2015 regarding the issued judgment in appeal number 43/2015 Capital Market raised from one of the parties against one of the funds managed by NIC, the court has canceled the first degree ruling issued in favor of the company (Fund manager) and refused the case and forced the company to pay to the appellant an amount of KD 810,221.570. We would like to inform you that NIC objected the issued verdict abovementioned, cassation number 1814, 1848, 1872/2015commercial appeal, and currently following-up on the cassation procedures. Further, the company cannot determine the financial impact of the judgment on the NIC’s financial statement at this time. We will re-disclose once there are any updates in this case.