National Investments Company organized a training program in cooperation with Investments Companies Union and Kuwait Investment Authority.

In cooperation with the Union of Investment Companies and Kuwait Investment Authority, National Investments Company (NIC) organized a holistic training program for training and qualifying trainees nominated by the Kuwait Investment Authority to engage in the field of investment and the financial sector. This initiative is launched within the Authority’s directions to take all necessary measures to contribute to achieving the national development.

Based on NIC’s interest in its role in serving and developing Kuwaiti youth, the Company decided to participate in this purposeful program as an active role as a mechanism for community organization and based on its firm belief in the role of the youth in shaping the future with their talents and energies that serve all sectors of the counttry and contribute to building the society.

This program is designed to meet the current needs of the labor market, to provide skills and help trainees start their career. The program includes the provision of basic concepts of investment and exploration of professional interests and opportunities, as well as the development of career skills and field training and its importance.

The field training program also aims to prepare the trainees to take up a successful career in the financial sector, to provide the trainees with a solid and full institutional knowledge of the most important financial competencies and concepts, and to build national personnel and competencies that will promote and advance the level of evolving performance that contribute to supporting the process and the development plan in the country. It also gives them the opportunity to integrate and deal with a wide range of different disciplines, support the mechanism of information transmission, and enhance the capacity to use economic indicators in all fields.

The program was supervised by the Human Resources and Training Department at NIC and a group of sectors staff with experience in the preparation of training programs and economic topics, which enable them to comprehend and analyze variables, especially in light of difficult economic times. NIC is considered the leading company in Kuwait in providing data, indicators and economic trends, and a reliable and important source in providing the same to the market in a constant, continuous and generous manner.

Three trainees; Miss. Sheikha Abdulaziz Al Omar, Sheikha Ahrar Faisal Al-Sabah, and Mr. Abdulwahab Imad Al-Abdulkarim nominated by Kuwait Investment Authority participated in the program. The nominated trainees have various specialties in the economic & financial field. They have been distributed to some sectors of the Company, which are relevant to their specialties, namely MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Quoted Investments and Banking Investments Sector.

The program lasted nearly four weeks in both sectors. During the training period needed for the trainees in MENA Sector, they were provided with comprehensive training on management of investment funds and management of investment portfolios in the sector.

In the Investment Banking Services Sector, the trainees learned how to provide financial advisory services, including understanding of mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions and other consultations, such as evaluation of companies, preparation of business plans, growth and development strategy and other functions of the sector. They also learned how to provide alternative investment services in all sectors, including financial services, real estate, education, technology and other services.

In the comments received from the concerned sectors, officials of the two sectors emphasized that the trainees passed the recommended training with enthusiasm and responsiveness, with participation in all discussions and financial concepts that they have been trained on. Noting that the said training was conducted in a healthy and safe environment, where required health measures were adhered to among trainees and staff of the Company’s sectors.

At the end of the training program, NIC delivered training certificates to the trainees of Kuwait Investment Authority. Kuwait Investment Authority also delivered a certificate of appreciation to NIC for its efforts made in preparing this outstanding training program.


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