National Investments Company (NIC) is keen to consolidate its role in community service and to carry out its social responsibility as one of the largest investment companies in Kuwait. Despite the conditions that Kuwait is still experiencing due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting living impacts, NIC has strengthened its position in the field of social responsibility, care provision, and participation in various fields of humanitarian, social and charitable work.

In connection with CSR programs and plans for the year 2021, Mrs. Ebtihaj Al Roomi, Senior Vice President – Marketing and Public Relations Department at NIC said that the CSR events launched by NIC every year reflect the images of social harmony and cohesion as NIC has intensified its CSR strategic efforts as part of its annual program. The Company also focused on meeting the needs and requirements of people in need of support and subsidies as a matter of social solidarity and out of its national sense of social responsibility.

Al-Roumi added that NIC has achieved a qualitative leap in recent years in its social plans, as it considers this a duty dictated by its national sense to contribute to economic development, and as a form of giving back to the society that contributed to the development of its business and profits. Therefore, NIC focuses on the initiatives and projects that have a long-term impact on society in the areas of health, education, social and environmental development and awareness-raising.

In this regard and based on 2021 CSR plans in the holy month of Ramadan, NIC, in cooperation with Al-Najat Charitable Society, sponsored certain prominent and annual activities that it carries out with Al-Najat Charitable Society, including sponsoring the people memorizing the Holy Quran for the second year in a row in order to motivate the participants to achieve development and giving, especially During the holy month of Ramadan. NIC also, in cooperation with the Kuwait Food and Relief Bank, sponsored various Ramadan projects in the month of giving and generosity, as people of beneficent hands flock to help all needy persons, including distribution of Ramadan “Maachla” foodstuff boxes, suhoor (pre-fast meals) and Eid clothes to the needy families.

Al-Roomi said that the Company’s activities in this concern continue its successes through achieving the desired goals by introducing concepts of environmental, social and economic sustainability, and thus developing human resources, observing safety and security standards, and various community participation.

Al- Roumi added, during the past year, we have strengthened our contribution in various sectors because we are directing our social mission towards various fields with a focus on aspects that enable us to invest in development and ensure its sustainability. This can be summarized for example in health and education, where the Company sponsored CSR activities during the period of Covid-19 spread which were various and covered many social initiatives, including the Company’s cooperation with Al-Najat Charitable Society to distribute the Ramadan food baskets to the needy families, in addition to the distribution of gifts to the people in Wataniya Resort quarantine to support them morally. Moreover, NIC sponsored certain prominent and annual activities, including caring for the people memorizing the Holy Quran, and caring for Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Group by providing sterilization devices and substances and personal protective equipment to combat Covid-19. In 2020, NIC won “Best CSR Initiatives Towards Covid-19 Award” from the Global Economics 2020.

In conclusion, Al-Roomi affirmed that NIC has always been proactive in taking all precautionary measures in light of these hard circumstances, with the aim to maintain the Company’s business continuity, serve the country and the citizen as well as social work institutions and civil society institutions based on its belief in the importance of concerted efforts to achieve sustainable development through devoting the concept of CSR in a manner that serves all segments of society, praying to God Almighty to raise this scourge and to protect and safeguard Kuwait, its people and the whole world from all harm.


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