Hamad Al- Attar:

  • The fund’s performance comes from the company’s efforts to achieve the best possible returns with minimal risks.
  • Rational investment decisions and prudent management of the Fund significantly impacted the stability of its cash distributions and bonus shares since inception
  • The outstanding performance of funds managed by NIC reflects a sound and conservative approach.
  • The National Investments Company continues to successfully overcome challenges and take advantage of the current investment opportunities efficiently.

As part of its efforts to serve its clients, improve the level of its services and provide a broader range of investment solutions to be the preferred investment choice, National Investments Company, one of the leading investment companies in Kuwait and the region in terms of performance and assets under management, announced in a press statement that a decision has been made to distribute cash dividends to the unitholders of its Wataniya Investment Fund for the second half of 2022 at a 24 fils per unit of the capital for the net value of the unit as of 31/03/2023, and planned to be distributed by 20/04/2023. NIC has a specialized investment and financial analysis team, who are the main factor behind the achievements/results generated despite the factors driving market fluctuations and concerns related to global and local political and economic conditions, the most important of which are global political tensions and conflicts, weak expectations about global economic growth, high global inflation rates and the continued tightening of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve by raising interest rates to control inflation.



Mr. Hamad Al-Attar, Vice President of Asset Management at National Investments Company, stated that the outstanding performance of the Wataniya Fund and its cash distributions reflect the company’s efforts in managing the fund and applying an effective and successful strategy that helps to achieve the best possible returns at minimal risks despite the economic challenges that the global financial markets are going through.

Also, Al-Attar stated that the cash distribution comes because of wise investment decisions and prudent management of the fund consistent with prudent investment practices to achieve rewarding returns for unitholders by investing in shares of companies with rewarding returns, solid management, and a clear future vision, which had a significant impact on stability at the level of cash distributions and grants.

Al Wataniya Investment Fund was established on January 5, 2001, to invest in shares of companies listed on Boursa Kuwait by selecting companies representing various economic sectors. Such companies enjoy a good performance and invest the available cash in monetary instruments such as short and long-term deposits, cash funds, bonds, sukuk, and securities allowed by the fund’s financial system to achieve good returns for subscribers, pointing out that the fund continues to seize the best investment opportunities and work to take advantage of them.

He went on to say that NIC has a prudent financial policy in managing the capital of Al Wataniya Investment Fund, where the objectives are focused on securing the fund’s capabilities to continue conducting its business and achieving returns for unitholders and other beneficiaries, as well as to maintain financial resources to support the fund’s investment activities. The Fund follows a balanced investment policy aimed primarily at preserving the invested capital and reducing investment risks to their minimum limits by diversifying the investment activity. The fund has experience in this business, as its management exerts its utmost effort in directing its investments towards leading and operating companies in Boursa Kuwait.

NIC’s Funds

Al Attar- also praised the outstanding performance of the other investment funds managed by NIC, which reflects its sound and conservative approach, knowledgeable management team, extensive experience, and track record of achievements in managing local and regional portfolios and investment funds and achieving positive returns.

He also expressed his contentment with the outstanding performance achieved by NIC equity funds during the past year, pointing out that successful investment requires several factors and basic components, such as investment experience, professional management, and comprehensive and diligent follow-up of all updates and decisions that affect the financial markets.

“We continued to overcome challenges and efficiently exploit the available opportunities by adopting initiatives based on steady growth, sustainability, flexible risk management policy, the flexibility of operations and investment products, and their ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions,” added Al-Attar.

“NIC focuses on understanding the dynamic needs of customers to improve services and products and identify new investment opportunities with a safe and increasing return considering the current market conditions. The company aims to maintain a research-based approach, predict trends, improve the position of customers’ investments, achieve their goals, develop innovative products, expand their reach, and achieve high-performance results in the coming years,” he concluded.


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