NIC Receives Euromoney’s Best Wealth Management Company in Kuwait’s Award

Al Muthana Al Maktoum:

• Winning the award is a testimony to NIC’s efforts in developing private banking services and investment opportunities that meet customers’ ambitions.
• Proud to be a positive contributor to the growth of the investment sector in Kuwait and the region while providing customers with innovative banking and investment solutions for over 35 years.
• The company managed to attract a large segment of clients besides providing innovative investment products that follow standards of excellence in wealth management.
• We aim to offer value-added services that achieve extraordinary performance that exceeds the prevailing rates of return at the market level.

The National Investments Company (NIC) recently received the ‘Best Wealth Management Company in Kuwait’ award for 2023, under the category of ‘Best for Ultra’ (High Net Worth Individuals in Kuwait), by Euromoney International. The award, one of the most important awards in the regional financial sector, was presented during the Private Banking Awards event in London and is considered another milestone that confirms the company’s position, product quality, and leadership position in Kuwait and the region.

NIC received this award based on its contribution to the development of private banking services in Kuwait, providing investment services, and facilitating investment opportunities that meet customers’ ambitions, thus enhancing the company’s financial position, thanks to its extensive experience, inordinate knowledge, innovative solutions, and the wealth management executives.

In a statement to the press, NIC stressed that the award from Euromoney was based on surveys and comprehensive studies that evaluate several factors, such as key performance indicators, financial ratios, innovation, and new services, while consulting industry specialists and taking into consideration reports and research. These awards are granted to distinguished entities making measurable differences, adding real value in their sectors, and contributing to raising the level of service provided. Euromoney Awards for Excellence Programs extend for over 50 years, attracting thousands of entries from international financial institutions.

Competitive Services
Mr. Al Muthana Al Maktoum, Executive Vice President – Wealth Management Sector, said: “Proud to receive the ‘Best Wealth Management Company in Kuwait’ award for 2023 by Euromoney International, a new testimony on the company’s capability to provide competitive and unique services, and another reflection to our success in attracting a large segment of customers and providing advanced and innovative investment products following best standards within the wealth management sector.”

Mr. Al Maktoum also highlighted that NIC is delighted to be an active contributor to the growth of the investment sector in Kuwait and the region and to providing innovative banking and investment solutions to customers over more than 35 years, during which it succeeded in adopting feasible investment approaches in wealth management, making it one of the largest investment companies in Kuwait and the region in terms of the volume of assets under management, which reached more than KD 1.121 billion by the end of December 2022.

“The award reflects NIC’s commitment to providing the best services within the wealth management sector. It confirms its customer relationships and long-term partnerships built on trust and prudence. It provides integrated investment products, solutions, and plans to help them achieve their financial goals,” added Al Maktoum

Prominent Products and Investment Opportunities
NIC’s Wealth Management Sector is keen to meet the needs and requirements of its valued customers by providing the financial products and services they need, thanks to the company’s team, who continuously processes comprehensive classifications of the clients and their needs. This factor has helped attract investors, enabling them to have multiple investment opportunities and build long-term customer partnerships based on mutual trust and sustainable relationships.

The company also focuses on providing value-added services and products and achieving performance that exceeds the prevailing rates of return at the market and industry levels by investing in sectors characterized by opportunities with latent returns and considering potential risks.

To conclude, Al Maktoum said: “The Wealth Management Sector will continue to enhance customer satisfaction by providing easy yet effective services, following the trend by digitalizing those services. Also, the company’s management team always seeks means to encourage customers through interactive services. It utilizes its experienced team who keeps pace with customer aspirations and provides effective services that meet requirements and align with global changes.”

NIC has launched the portal system recently, allowing clients to track their investments on a real-time basis while allowing them to execute orders immediately and efficiently, with features such as comprehensive analysis of their investments from portfolios and funds through more comprehensive solutions to achieve their investment objectives.


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