National Investments Company. a Track Record of CSR Successes

Ibtihaj Al-Roumi

  • The support is for health care and low-income families by providing expensive medicines and medical supplies
  • NIC efforts in CSR are a legacy that we take pride in towards serving society and achieving sustainable development in Kuwait
  • NIC focuses on CSR initiatives that create a long-term impact on health, education, and social and environmental developments
  • For the second year in a row, NIC sponsors some of the prominent and annual activities of the Al-Najat Charity

In its tireless efforts to maintain its leading position among private sector companies on the humanitarian level and to consolidate its corporate social responsibility as a major investment company in Kuwait, National Investments Company announced its support for Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS), which is a voluntary humanitarian society with clear humanitarian imprints that plays a major and pioneering role in society service initiatives.

NIC announced in a press release that providing support to KRCS is part of the company’s concern to participate in various fields of humanitarian, social and charitable work, and to enhance its position in the CSR field as well as providing care to all charitable organizations.

In this context, Mrs. Ibtihaj Al-Roumi; Senior Vice President – Marketing and Institutional Communication at National Investments Company said that the support the company provided to KRCS is related to health care and support for low-income families who cannot afford the high cost of treatment and medicine, by providing expensive medicines and medical supplies for a number of families in need.

Al-Roumi reiterated that NIC has a long and prominent record in the CSR field, underlining that the company has been continuing its approach in promoting CSR concepts and practices, based on its belief in their importance as one of the most prominent priorities in the social strategy in sustainable development in Kuwait, pointing out that the company’s efforts in CSR is a legacy that we take pride in towards society service, by fulfilling the needs and requirements of the people who need support and assistance. We in turn, shed light on these societal images with the aim to motivate the younger generations to adopt social responsibility practices.

Al-Roumi stressed NIC firm commitment to play its role in society, especially through community contributions, raising awareness and community participation, where the company has achieved in recent years a qualitative leap in its social plans, considering that this is a duty dictated by its patriotic sense to contribute to the economic development that has a direct and effective impact on the development and growth of society.

Al Roumi emphasized that NIC focuses on social initiatives and projects that have a long-term impact on society in the areas of health, education, social and environmental development and awareness, with different objectives by introducing concepts of environmental, social and economic sustainability, thus developing human resources, and maintaining diverse community participation.

Al-Roumi reviewed a set of social initiatives that NIC successfully provided in 2021, stating that the company managed to provide cooperation with Al-Najat Charity for the second year in a row by sponsoring some of its prominent and annual activities, including sponsoring the memorizers of the Holy Quran, in order to motivate the participants on development and giving, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan. Additionally, NIC, in cooperation with Kuwait Food and Relief Bank, sponsored various Ramadan projects, where generous benefactors compete to provide subsidies to all needy people. These project included the distribution of “Maachla” foodstuff boxes, pre-dawn meals and Eid clothing.

Prestigious Awards

Al Roumi said, “In recognition of the social efforts undertaken by the NIC over the last period in enhancing its contribution in various fields with a focus on development and ensuring sustainability, the company won prestigious awards in 2020, including the “Best CSR Initiatives Towards Covid-19 Award” from The Global Economics 2020″.

Al-Roumi pointed out that NIC has a clear policy concerned with CSR under the approach of sustainability, through which it implements several initiatives and programs throughout the year according to a well-established plan that the company develops and through its various departments at the beginning of each year to be a real basis for sustainable economic and social development that includes all parties.


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