Almuthana Al Maktoum:

  • Customers can view all their investments and the performance of their portfolios through one window integrated on their personal devices, with the ability to communicate with their accounts managers at any time through one application, which is the latest of its kind.
  • The service enables customers to manage their accounts, follow up on investments, carry out withdrawals and deposits, obtain reports on the portfolio performance, and allows them update their profiles.
  • NIC applies the best practices in investor relations, corporate communication. The new service is a translation of the customer relations management in an integrated fashion.

Khalid Owaida:

  • The new service is an electronic portal that provides all information related to the performance of portfolios and investment funds.
  • NIC is moving forward with rapid steps towards providing the best digital services to the Wealth Management Sector and other sectors.
  • Digital transformation plan aims to meet market requirements and enhance the quality of services provided to customers free of charge.

In a leading and ambitious step at the level of local and regional investment companies and in keeping in line with the business digital transformation, National Investments Company announced the launch of the “Client Portal” Service via the company’s website, which is an innovative platform aimed at streamlining the digital investment process.

NIC announced in a press release that the new Electronic Portal Service named “Client Portal” will enable customers to have easy access to all provided services and products. It also aims to reduce the time taken to provide services and raise automation ratio, in order to achieve the company’s strategic goals in enhancing the quality level of provided services.

In this context, Mr. Almuthana Al Maktoum, Executive Vice President; Wealth Management at NIC said that this service complements the company’s development process. It will serve as a digital electronic platform to provide all information, data and reports related to the performance of our customers’ portfolios and investment funds, through which, they can manage their accounts and follow up on their investments, especially withdrawals and deposits, and updating their data whenever required.

Al Maktoum pointed out that this new service provided by NIC comes as a step within the Company’s strategic plan and initiatives to significantly streamline and simplify procedures, as well as applying the best practices to raise the level of transparency and communication with customers, calling on all NIC customers to use this new service, and to benefit it without a need to deal with the company’s employees or visit its offices and wait in queues.

Huge Database

Al Maktoum said that the “Client Portal” service will provide a huge database developed by the IT & Online Trading Sector, as part of an integrated plan figured out to keep pace with developments and search for providing the best services and smart digital solutions that concern all customers and enable them to obtain complete and integrated reports. It is also considered a prelude to accelerating steps for a holistic restructuring of the company’s Wealth Management Sector services.

Al Maktoum stressed that the primary objective of launching this type of advanced digital services is to enhance the quality of services provided to Wealth Management customers by availing the latest innovative technologies, and to streamline customer journey in daily follow-up and interaction with the company, which will be reflected in the customer satisfaction level through providing easy and effective services, in light of the customers increasing orientation to electronic services, and their search for more effective means that provide them with everything new.

Al Maktoum reiterated that through the launch of this new service, NIC aims to bring about a radical change in the concept and method of performing business and services the company automatically provides 24/7 without being bounded by the company’s working hours, where the company is always seeking to find smooth ways to encourage its customers to use the service when needed.

Digital Transformation

Regarding the advantages, the company offers in its new service “Client Portal”, Mr. Khalid Owaida –Executive Vice President; IT & Online Trading Sector at NIC, said that the digital transformation plan aims to meet market requirements and enhance the quality of services provided to customers, as the Portal will be available free of charge for all NIC customers to follow up on their various investments and execute applications. It also includes the portfolio overall performance reports. Moreover, customers can update their profile (Know Your Customer), execute subsequent deposits and withdrawals and send “sponsorship application” command via the trading room through a window integrated across their personal devices, noting that the service will enable customers to view and follow up all their investments with NIC, citing that this new service is a translation of customer relations management in an integrated manner, which will positively reflect on the customer satisfaction level and the quality of available services.

Diverse Investment Solutions

Owaida add, “National Investments Company also provides diverse investment solutions through the new service, such as investment portfolios management, trading in capital markets, and private equity funds such as money management, real estate management, and all investment and alternative banking services, in addition to special mandates.”

Owaida emphasized that NIC is continuing in developing innovation, customer services and maintaining preference in the local market. These efforts are part of the company’s absolute commitment to follow the best governance standards approved by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), which reflects great confidence in customers, and as a consequence its ability to apply the best practices in the field of investor relations and corporate communication.

In conclusion, Al Maktoum said that National Investments Company, through the Wealth Management Sector, is committed to providing its customers with everything new, and the company is proud of its diverse customer base, which includes a selection of the most prominent companies and high net worth individuals. Therefore, the company places the quality of services provided to customers at top priority, and always endeavors to achieve this goal with integrity and proficiency.


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