Fund Objective

The primary objective of the fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation. The fund will aim to achieve this investment objective by investing in various equity securities listed on the stock markets of the GCC Region complying with the Shariah principles.

Fund Features

The fund holdings are diversified across different sectors and themes. Asset allocation and security selection is based on a stringent criterion that focuses on quality of earnings and valuation metrics. The fund has a diversified shareholder base including corporate and retail investors. The fund is denominated in USD and is established in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Top 5 Holdings

Al Rajhi Bank

Kuwait Finance House

Industries Qatar

Emirates Telecom. Group Company (Etisalat Group) PJSC

Qatar Islamic Bank


Sector Distribution

Geographical Distribution


Fund Name
Al Mada Investment Fund
Subscription and Redemption
Monthly Subscription / Redemption Fee = 0.5%
Fund Manager
National Investments Company
Management Fee
1% per annum
Term of the Fund
Performance Fee
Only 20% of the amount by which the annualized rate of return exceeds 10%
Fund Capital
USD 20 to 300 million
Net Asset Value
Calculated on the last trading day of every month
Paid Up Capital
USD 32,300,979
Dividends shall be paid at the discretion of the Fund Manager
Asset Value
USD 35,362,769
Custodian & Investment Controller
SICO Funds Services Company B.S.C.
Base Currency
US Dollar
SICO Funds Services Company B.S.C.
Minimum Investment
5,000 Units
Nominal Value
USD 1.000
Islamic Shari’a Committee
Raqaba Global For Sharia Consultation Ltd.
Ernst & Young, Bahrain